Project Description

Molded concrete floor – New!

Molded concrete floor allows to perfectly simulate, with a great durability and virtually no maintenance, the most widespread exterior floors: tiles, bricks, stone, porphyry, wood, etc … up to decorations with logos, rosettes and Greeks. This is possible thanks to specific plastic molds that they are applied on still fresh cement.

The aesthetic result is excellent: surfaces are reproduced in such a realistic way that they can easily be confused with traditional floorings. One of the many benefits of this type of flooring, it is the guarantee of superior performance compared the reproduced natural floorings. Molded concrete floor is firmer than any non-industrial flooring, which it gives a considerable durability and wear resistance, even under big mechanical stress such as heavy duty vehicles transit.

Molded concrete floor it is a so called “monolithic floor”, because the absence of leakage. This makes it much easier to clean and also makes it exempt from the classic vulnerabilities of traditional floor-to-floor floors: there are no areas where water can enter, no musk and no grazing. Additionally, thanks to special protective resins, it is possible to literally “arm” the molded floor against oils, greases, chemicals aggressive, molds and powders of any nature.

Molded concrete floor is relatively easy and very fast to apply because it does not require the preparation, timing and cautions of a traditional flooring. Neither the structural screed nor the containment bundle they are necessary: ​​it goes directly to the realization. Just a little preparation of the bottom to be able to throw the concrete immediately and work it at will. Needless to say that this results in huge savings of time, money and manpower, if compared to the realization of traditional stone or tiled flooring.

There are virtually endless customization possibilities, in shapes and colors, which they can be used in any color order to achieve the desired result, ensuring that the customer has a unique and different floor covering.

Molded concrete floor is the ideal solution for making roads, squares, connections, covered or uncovered pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes, squares, garage access ramps, covered floors or shopping malls, hotels, campsites, car parks, city outlets , fairs and amusement parks.