PAVE ® provides highly professional and customized solutions “ready fitted”, built on the directives of the customer, who’s followed and advised according to his tastes, using the most modern techniques and the best materials.

In addition to installation with our men, we can handle local workers in Italy and abroad, ensuring the highest aesthetic and functional result. We receive orders for cruise ships, luxury villas, ultra-luxury hotels and resorts.

The installation activity comes after the preliminary substrate preparation activity for the future housing of the planned pavement. Where necessary we are able to perform: excavation, demolition, thrown, sewer lines, mains white water, black water and laying curbs.

Let’s see an example of the typical processing steps: demolition > dig > cast > installation > finishing

We’re specialized in the supply and installation of interior and exterior flooring, natural stone coverings, and more specifically in domestic and foreign quartzite – porphyry – paving block – Indiana stone – Luserna stone – slate, sandstone and quartz / sandstones, as well marble and granite from many Countries in the world, all exposed in our beautiful indoor and outdoor exhibition hall, where you can choose the future new interior flooring and outer coating.

Floorings and coatings proposed by us to be installed into internal or external environments, they must have unquestionable quality characteristics and durability: resistance to frost and thaw cycle, tensile strength and abrasion also for vehicular (step floor driveway) and pedestrian (sidewalk and pathway).

We always engaged successfully the direct sale in Italy and abroad for the best internal and external floors listed on thins website, or alternatively we provide only installation service in partnership with manufacturers and quarrymen of marble and natural stone and important Architects and General Contractors in the cruise ships industry, super luxury villas and particularly prestigious environments where it is required and appreciated quality of Italian installation, that has always distinguished PAVE ® in Countries such as Switzerland – United Arab Emirates – Qatar – Morocco – Libya – Algeria – Panama – US.

The fully pleasure of having a perfect home to live in” this is the mission of PAVE ®: specialized technicians, cutting-edge creative solutions, products and adequate technical objective to be achieved,


or to purchase the outside flooring, an experience that can excite and gratify the customer.

Supply and installation flooring for indoor and outdoor use

PAVE ® provides materials for the most beautiful indoor and outdoor flooring for your home and takes care of the installation carried out by highly specialized technicians with long experience: the most beautiful interlocking and installation techniques, the most exciting tile mosaics, the presentation with the most appropriate and elegant colors, that’s all to fully gratify customers.


PAVE ® provides materials and deals with the installation in every application range of flooring for indoor, outdoor, up to the ultra-luxury cruise ships, luxury villas and hotels.


Creation of comfortable and prestigious locations
Do you want to enrich the garden of your home with a touch of elegance and refinement that will turn it as a prestigious villa? Pave ® performs a creative study agreement with the customer and recommends the appropriate laying of the most suitable materials in accordance customer’s taste as well as the techniques used for the installation and needs surrounding the physical building and its natural environment.

Complete your garden
What can it be more prestigious than a garden equipped with design driveways and walkways made with dry system ? What could be more useful than a pleasant garden shed where you can store and hide away your working tools to attend your flowers and your plants? PAVE® accomplishes the quality of garden sheds: nice to the sight and perfectly balancing the structure and the environment of your garden.

And much more ….
PAVE ® works with a craft work spirit; therefore it is not possible to write in a few lines all the possible solutions that our technicians can find for you. Brick walls, exterior cladding, solutions for walkways and gardens, and so on… Ask for your desires and expose to us your doubts: we will find the most proper solution ever created for you!