Project Description

Back to the past with the Palladian stone

The palladian floor known as big flakes , it bring us back to the old road pavements of the ancient Rome, ”in opus incertum”, generally used for the outside walkways.
The Palladian is the ancient technique of composing large areas of pavements using thousands of small pieces of marble or other natural stones of different form.
The result is a great beauty and value.
The Palladian gave value to important and prestigious architectural works.
The technical construction used is the same of ancient times with the difference that before a binder lime was used , nowadays cement is preferred.


The Palladian Plus

This process is particularly suitable for the realization of solariums, sidewalks, squares and avenues, as you can see in the photos.
Furthermore being a calcareous stone , even in warmest periods does not heat up in a particular way, allowing you to calmly walk barefoot.
A Palladian floor is the best solution for a country flooring made with natural stones but with the perfect balance between beauty and economy.